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The right people for a transaction in Portugal


Before you leave, be prepared!


The right thing to do: stay zen!


Placing an offer on a property


The journey from accepted offer to deed of sale.


Does the final deed conclude the acquisition?

Les RDVs Envie de Lisbonne,
7 fun and informative virtual meetings

Envie de Lisbonne offers a series of virtual RDVs, to share advice and testimonials with people planning to move to, invest in or set up a business in Portugal.

Ces RDVs seront l’occasion d’informer sur les démarches à mener en amont ou à l’arrivée en fonction des besoins et des envies.

These 45-minute discussions are fun and practical, with a unique theme. Jean Luc, founder of Envie de Lisbonne, will welcome an expert to share his advice and recommendations.

Managing administrative procedures 

Cátia Neves Tavares,
Lawyer, business and real estate law CNT Avocats

Find out everything you need to know before you arrive and once you're here (tax residency, social security and health, legalization of driving license, banking system...).

Borrowing in Portugal

Hélder Constantino,
Mortgage broker CAFPI Portugal

Find out everything you need to know about financing a property purchase in Portugal, how to prepare your application and increase your chances of obtaining a loan.

Buying a property in Portugal

Anthony Puydebois
Founder AP Invest

Everything you need to know about buying property in Portugal, tips and tricks
to better understand the market and buy with confidence.

Renting a property in Portugal

Arrabelle Chevallier-Sollier,
Manager Arrabellimmo

Everything you need to know about the process of renting a property in Portugal, and tips for understanding the market and renting with peace of mind.

Schooling your children in Portugal

Arlette Teixeira
Teacher Groupe Scolaire D.Dinis

Everything you need to know about the Portuguese school system and its strengths, so you can make the best choice for your children.

Owning a second home in Portugal

Yann Massot
Independent real estate agent, Greater Lisbon

Find out all about the Alojamento local regulations, setting out the terms and conditions for managing your second home in Portugal.

Doing business or working in Portugal

Sophie Lança
Présidente New Destination

Find out all about the advantages and opportunities of the Portuguese market for
develop your business or find a job.

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